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Bruce Fowler


Bruce is a music composer and sound designer with decades of experience working in a broad range of genres (including orchestral, electronica, solo piano and rock) for film and television.  He has composed music for numerous award-winning films and television series, including the theme for CBC's "The Fifth Estate", John Kastner's "Life with Murder" (which won an International Emmy in 2011) and "Rage Against the Darkness" (which won Best Film at Hot Docs in 2004).  His clients include CTV, CBC, Global, the NFB, PBS, TSN and the Discovery Channel, and documentary filmmakers such as Gordon Henderson, Andrew Gregg, Cynthia Banks, Karen Pinker and Charles Officer.

He is highly regarded throughout the industry as a true composer, creating new music that completes, without overtaking, the visuals.  His musical creativity is matched by a nuanced understanding of the craft of writing music for film and television.  Bruce works closely with the filmmaker and production team to bring the thematic underlays of a project to life with compositions that reflect its vision, mood and message.  This collaboration is at the heart of his work as a composer, and his team of musicians and audio experts bring the same level of collaboration, skill and passion to every project.

The Studio

Bruce's studio, Modular Music, is centred around a Pro Tools HD5 system and uses PT and Digital Performer (main composing software), with the very best in plugins and virtual instruments.  It is equipped with high end mics from Neumann, Manley, AKG and Royer, and uses premier mic preamplifiers (Chandler, Neve, Cranesong, Drawmer and Universal Audio).  The studio's hardware reverbs and signal processing are by Lexicon, DBX and Universal Audio.

All music is recorded and mixed in a 5.1 surround environment.  Modular has a large, versatile recording floor, equipped with a Yamaha Disklavier Pro C7 concert grand piano and premier guitars, vintage synths and a full range of other instruments.  Whenever possible, Modular uses real players, drawing upon a roster of globally recognized musicians.

Modular's mixer/sound engineer, Mike Duncan, is established in the industry for creating "the right sound", with mixes that cleanly complement visuals.  Technically, Modular offers the best in digital and analogue, to match the excellence of every music composition.